Water Bottle Label Templates Printing Options

January 20, 2012

Water Bottle Label Templates can make or break your business. Due to its compact and easy-to-use adhesive backing, it is a reliable marketing tool that can support any campaign. There are two types of custom water bottle label templates : sheet labels and roll labels. Specifications for the two forms vary in terms of shape, size, stock, and finish.

Consider the following specifications for Water Bottle Label Templates printing

Water Bottle Label Templates are rectangular or square- shaped and cut to size. They are printed on 70 lb. label matte or high gloss sheets. A matte finish gives stickers a dull and satin- like coating that gives off a vibe of elegance, while a high gloss sheet gives prints a brilliant and vibrant shine.

Water Bottle Label Templates

Roll labels can be rectangular or square with rounded corners, circle, or oval- shaped. They can be printed on the following stocks:

White BOPP is an opaque material suitable for indoor applications. It can be used for bath and body product packaging because it has a glossy finish that makes the label impervious to water and oils.

Clear BOPP has an invisible look, making it perfect for labeling colored bottles. It is laminated with clear gloss for moisture and scratch resistance.

White Flexible Vinyl is thick and durable stock that could withstand prolonged exposure to elements.

Estate #8 Textured is a matte paper stock for indoor application. It is commonly used for printing wine labels because of its elegant finish.

Water Bottle Label Templates are important marketing tools that make it easier for your customers to remember your brand. Its permanent placement is an advantage because it is constantly visible. Increase product awareness and customer recall with custom labels for your bottled product. You may choose among online website product specifications to come up with the ideal print for your company. Contact us for your Water Bottle Label Templates printing needs!